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Condominium Administration in Malta

Tal-Komun are committed to providing the most professional and reliable service of condominium administration in Malta. We take pride in our ability to provide our clients with what they need when they need it. We love nothing more than seeing our clients happy with their decision to work with us for condominium administration.

If you're looking for reliable condominium administrators in Malta, look no further and get in touch with our team!

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Why choose us

Tal-Komun is here to help.
No job is too big or too small.

Tal Komun manages common areas large and small, whether they are apartment buildings, office blocks or garage complexes. As a property owner in Malta, you may be looking for a trusted person to act as the condominium administrator of your property. 

Tal-Komun is set up to handle all issues that may arise within your property’s common areas. With our extensive experience providing condominium administration in Malta, you can sit back and leave us to take care of the hassles that you don’t have the time or patience for.

Allow us to leverage our carefully selected team of cleaners, handymen, builders, lawyers, insurance brokers, technicians, gardeners, drainage and aluminium service providers amongst others who are willing to deal with all kinds of condominium issues and problems.


What you see is what you get with us at Tal-Komun. Honesty and transparency are the foundations of all our relationships.


Our team is on call 24/7 to handle any emergencies that may arise within your common areas.


Tal-Komun only deals with professionals in it’s network, whether the issue is maintenance or administration related.

Why choose us

What is our role as your condominium administrator?

  • We will be held responsible for the issues in your condominium.
  • We handle the complaints of your neighbours.
  • We chase and negotiate with external companies who are providing services to your common parts.
  • With our maintenance department or using external service providers, we will solve all types of condominium maintenance issues in your common areas.
  • We co-ordinate and take responsibility for the cleanliness of your common areas.
  • We are responsible for collecting, holding and managing yours and your neighbour’s money and the accounts of your condominium.
  • We act as mediators or intermediaries between multiple apartment owners if they disagree or do not communicate with one another.
  • We will handle your legal battles with your neighbours or third parties.
Wy choose us

What can Tal-Komun do for me and my condominium?

Is one of the apartment owners in your building not respecting their neighbours and / or refusing to pay their share of expenses?

We stamp our authority immediately, informing that person of their legal obligation to pay their share of expenses and abide by condominium law. We inform them that failure to do so will be met with immediate legal action. Legal action is taken if the person persists with their misdemeanour.

Is your current administrator not being transparent or responsive with you?

We provide the condominium’s accounts / receipts on request and present these at the AGM. We guarantee a 24-48 hour response window for all emails / messages from clients to ensure that they are being listened to. We are always a phone call or Whatsapp message away from our client’s requests.

Are you managing the administration of your block of apartments in-house but would like to find an external administrator that you can trust?

We will meet the apartment owners and start to build a relationship with them, discussing matters face to face and listening to the issues that they have faced in the past. We make ourselves available to them at all times so that they know we are there to help whenever they need us. They will find us on-site to supervise and inspect the work carried out by our employees and by third parties. In time, we will form a relationship together based on trust and honesty.

Did you just move into a new block of apartments and are trying to figure out how the administration of your common parts works?

We will meet you and your neighbours and come up with a snaglist together for the developer to finish before he hands over the condominium to Tal-Komun. We will inform the developer on your behalf that they are duty bound to finish the work that they agreed to in their contract with you. Together we can speak as one voice and if necessary as a last resort, we can take legal action as one. We act as mediators between the developer and the apartment owners, reaching solutions amicably and avoiding unnecessary conflict. 

Are you looking for a professional condominium administration company in Malta?

We can help. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients, and we know how important it is to have a reliable partner on your side when it comes to your property.

What we can do

What aspects of your condominium do we manage?

Accounts and Collection of Funds
Cleaning and Inspections
Book-Keeping and Correspondence with Third Parties
24/7 Maintenance Response
Support and Mediation between Owners

What Our Clients Say

Tal Komun offers a single point of contact for all property owners or
members of condominiums in Malta to ensure that all aspects of care and
maintenance are taken care of in a professional, timely and discreet way.

"They are always reachable even on weekends by phone or even Whatsapp. I have found them to act fast especially on maintenance requests in my block. I'm always glad to refer them to my family and friends."

Joe Zammit
St. Helen's Court

"I have come across multiple condominium administrators through the various properties that I own. Tal-Komun stands out due to their efficiency and approachability. Paul is always ready to listen and to help with his team."

Manuel Sciberras
Silver Mansions

"What I like about Tal-Komun is that you always see the same familiar faces, whether it's the cleaner, the handymen or Paul or Jason themselves. Their team is friendly and very helpful."

Maria Tanti
Belvedere Court

"In 3 months, Tal-Komun completed projects our previous administrator couldn't accomplish in five years."

Steve Sammut
Marina Residence

"Both Jason and Paul are very helpful and ready to help when needed. We don't need their assistance every day but when needed, they turn up."

Karl Farrugia
Sunrise Apartments
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Contact us for a free quote, condominium visit and chat with you and your neighbours to discuss how we can be of service to you.

Tal Komun Condominium Administration in Malta

Tal Komun is proud to offer a top-quality service for condominium administration in Malta. We understand that owning property, whether an apartment building, office block or garage complex can be a complex and time-consuming process, which is why we’re here to help. As your trusted condominium administrator in Malta, we take on the responsibility of managing all the issues that arise in your condominium, ensuring that they are dealt with quickly and professionally. Our experienced team of condominium administrators in Malta are here to ensure that all aspects of care and maintenance of your property’s common areas are taken care of, leaving you to enjoy your property without any of the hassle.

One of our main responsibilities as a condominium administrator is being a point of contact for any issues brought up by your neighbours. Tal Komun take care of these problems on your behalf and communicate with the relevant parties to get them resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. We will also be responsible for chasing and negotiating with outside businesses that provide services to your communal areas. This covers everything from upkeep and cleaning to landscaping and security. To ensure that all types of condominium maintenance concerns are swiftly and successfully treated, we closely collaborate with our maintenance staff or outside service providers if required.

As your condominium administrator in Malta, we are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of your common areas. We coordinate regular cleaning schedules and make sure they are followed, ensuring a tidy and welcoming atmosphere for you and your neighbours to enjoy. We are also responsible for collecting, holding, and managing your and your neighbour’s money and the accounts of your condominium. We act as intermediaries and mediators between multiple apartment owners, resolving any disputes that may arise and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Finally, we will handle any legal issues that may arise, ensuring that your interests are protected and that the matter is resolved in a timely and professional manner. Our commitment to providing quality service has earned us a reputation as one of the most reliable and trustworthy providers for condominium administration in Malta.

What is a Condominium Administrator?

The Condominium Act is applicable to most people in Malta who reside in an apartment, a common housing option in the country. A condominium refers to a building with two or more separate units overlying each other, with common parts of the building held in joint ownership. As per the Condominium Act, the owners of these separate units are referred to as condomini.

According to the Condominium Act, it is required to appoint an administrator in buildings with more than three apartments. If the appointment of an administrator cannot be agreed upon, the matter will be referred to arbitration and the administrator will be appointed by the arbitrator. The duties of the administrator are mainly concerned with the smooth running of the condominium. This includes notifying the land registry of the appointment, executing decisions made in the meetings of the condomini, ensuring that all condomini are complying with the rules, and regulating the use of common parts. The administrator is also responsible for the preservation and protection of common parts, as well as for apportioning the costs necessary for the preservation, maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary repairs of the condominium. The administrator must also maintain a register of all the condomini, the minutes of the meetings, and copies of all notices, decisions, and directives.