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Who We are

About Tal-Komun

Tal-Komun is here to help.  No job is too big or too small. Let us take care of your condominium administration, property management issues or planned renovation projects.

Why choose us

Get on with your busy day and let Tal-Komun deal with the headaches and hassles of your property.

Tal-Komun offers a single point of contact for all property owners or members of condominiums to ensure that all aspects of care and maintenance are taken care of in a professional, timely and discreet manner.  One call will give you access to our team of reliable cleaners, professional handymen, builders, technicians, plumbers, electricians and gardeners.  We can also help you navigate the choice of suppliers and direct you to professionals who will handle your legal or insurance issues.


Trust us to do the job well and on time so that you can tell others about your positive experiences with us!


Report the issue to us and watch us take care of it in no time!


We don’t take short cuts and use only the best hands and materials for the job.


We give you access to a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to doing the best job possible.

Why choose us

Our Promise

We are committed to doing a professional job.  We use trusted, reliable, professional people to get your job done.  From condominium property management to bespoke turnkey projects, let Tal-Komun take care of it on your behalf.  Our goal is your satisfaction.


What we can do

Our Team

Tal-Komun is built around young, hungry professionals who are pushing boundaries in the condominium, turnkey and property management services spheres.

Tal-Komun is all about team work and commitment to excellence.

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Tal Komun is here to help. Let’s get started!

Contact us for a free site visit and discussion regarding how we can be of help to you.