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Your property in safe hands.

Trust us with your condominium administration in Malta, turnkey projects, maintenance and rental property management. We get the job done!

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Why choose us

Get on with your busy day and let Tal-Komun deal with the headaches and hassles of your property.

Tal-Komun offers a single point of contact for all property owners or members of condominiums in Malta to ensure that all aspects of care and maintenance are taken care of in a professional, timely and discreet manner. One call will give you access to our team of reliable cleaners, professional handymen, builders, technicians, plumbers, electricians, gardeners and more.


Trust us to do the job well and on time so that you can share your positive experiences with us!


We give you access to a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to doing the best job possible.


Report the issue to us and watch us take care of it in no time. The quicker it's ticked off the “To Do List” the better!


We don’t take short cuts and use only the best hands and materials for the job.

What we do

Tal Komun is here to help.
No job is too big or too small.

Turnkey contractors in Malta
Turnkey projects

Tal-Komun are turnkey contractors in Malta. Our turnkey services include the detailing, planning, designing and execution of any real-estate project, from its inception to completion.

Condominium administration in Malta
Condominium Administration

Tal-Komun are committed to providing you with the most professional and reliable condominium administration in Malta.

property management in Malta
Rental Property

Welcome to the world of rental property management in Malta. At Tal-Komun, we want to simplify your life as a homeowner by taking care of your property as if it is our own.


What Our Clients Say

"Good service and on-the-ball. Would recommend to anyone looking to offload managing their rental property"

Joe Farrugia

"They won me over when they solved my plumbing leak under my tiles. We found out about it on a Wednesday and Tal-Komun had it located, fixed, tiles broken and refitted by Friday. Happy tenant, happy me"

Joe Brincat

"I have come across multiple condominium administrators in Malta through the various properties that I own. Tal-Komun stands out due to their efficiency and approachability. Paul is always ready to listen and to help with his team."

Manuel Sciberras

"In 3 months, Tal-Komun completed projects our previous administrator couldn't accomplish in five years."

Steve Sammut
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Your Partner in Condominium Administration, Turnkey Contracting and Property Management in Malta.

Condominium Administration in Malta

Tal Komun’s services for condominium administration in Malta are designed to simplify the lives of property owners and residents. We serve as a single point of contact for all care and maintenance issues as a condominium administrator in Malta, ensuring that everything is handled expertly, effectively, and discretely. We can provide you with dependable cleaners, expert builders, qualified handymen, or any other kind of specialist. Our aim is to provide exceptional service to ensure that the properties under our care are well-maintained and operating smoothly, with minimal hassle to property owners and residents. We think that what sets us apart from the competition is our unique approach, which combines reliability, efficiency, know-how, and high-caliber work. So whether you are a property owner or a resident within a block of flats looking for condominium administration in Malta, you can be confident that Tal-Komun is taking good care of it.

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Turnkey Contractor in Malta

For individuals who are looking to to refurbish, renovate an old property or finish a new property in Malta, our turnkey contracting services are intended to offer a hassle-free experience. With years in the business, we have vast expertise in providing our clients with outcomes that are of the highest caliber. Our team of turnkey contractors in Malta will collaborate closely with you to comprehend your needs and provide you with specialised turnkey services in Malta.

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Property Management in Malta

Our services for property management in Malta are made to assist owners who want to rent out their property worry-free. At Tal-Komun, we have a team of professionals who can assist you with anything from reservations to upkeep and cleaning. We are aware that renting out your property can be a time consuming and difficult experience, but we can assist reduce the inconvenience by providing quality and stress-free property management in Malta. Both landlords and tenants should expect a smooth and hassle-free experience from us.

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